Film Synopsis

KJ is a 17-year-old music prodigy from a well-to-do family, and lives an inexhaustible life provided by his doctor father. At the age of 11, he won his Best Pianist title at the Hong Kong Interscholastic Competition in Music and the opportunity to play Beethoven’s Concerto for Piano No. 1 with a professional orchestra in Czech. However, in the mind of the young talent, he began to question incessantly about his life, about “why piano?”, and “what is in life, if not music?”

There since, he who is turning 17 this year has not made much substantial achievements in terms of awards and performance opportunities, other than his temporary drop-out for two years. Sometimes, he is not happy ... tormented by reflections on a utilitarian reality and more.This documentary goes deep down to one's mind: his thoughts, his struggles and his choices. It is a story of a genius, but also a story of everyone, lamenting over our unrecognized talents while brewing one's dream-come-true. Just as what we do in our daily life...


International Film Festival

※ Best documentary, Best editor, Best music, The 46th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Award
※ Best Film, The 16rh Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards

※ Best documentary, The 54the Asian Pacific Film Festival

Film Festivals:
※ The 33th Hong Kong International Film Festival, HKIFF, 2009
※ The 11th Seoul International Youth Film Festival, 2009
※ Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival, 2009
※ The 6th China Independent Film Festival, 2009
※ The 7th GZ Doc, competition, 2009

※ 2009 Asia Pacific Award, competition
※ The 29 Hong Kong Film Awards, Best New Director, and nominee of the Best Film Editing, Best Sound Design, Best Film

※ The 16th Shanghai TV Festival, competition 

※ The 19th China Golden Rooster&Hundred Flowers Film Festival

※ The 54the Asian Pacific Film Festival